The Step-Tween Survival Guide

August 18, 2009

About the Book

voyaWinner of Voice of Youth Advocate’s (VOYA) annual Nonfiction Honor List




 The Step-Tween Survival Guide was a finalist for the ForeWord Book of the Year in the Juvenile Nonfiction



In this book, kids in stepfamilies learn skills for surviving—and thriving—in their families. They gain lots of Survival Tools that help them think about their feelings and express them to people around them.

They also get to take Know Yourself quizzes that help them discover things about themselves—like how they react to situations and make decisions. They learn that they have many choices, even though it may sometimes feel like they have none. In the Reality Check sections, they get ideas for how to deal when nothing else seems to help. The Stepping Closer sections give them tips for getting to know their stepfamily members better.

Along the way, they meet other stepkids who were interviewed for this book. They range in age from 8 to 16 and come from many different backgrounds and family situations. They share their own struggles and successes in the sections called Stepkids Speak Out and Step-Tween Survival Tips.

Readers will find many positive stories. They learn how step-tweens have made their situations better, and have become stronger, happier and healthier as a result of experiences that can be challenging at times.